Defect Tracking

Defect Tracking Features
  • Unlimited user-configurable defect definitions
  • Tracks and routes defective parts
  • Defect identification through process enforcement, user input or tooling integration
  • Intuitive user interface with touch screen, barcode scanner and keyboard functionality
  • Integrates with enterprise applications, ERPs or quality management systems
  • Repair or scrap disposition
  • Enables routing and accounting for repairable and unsalvageable parts
  • Supports the PFMEA process – defects can be assigned Risk Priority Numbers
Benefits You Can Expect
  • Identify quality trends that result from machine problems, faulty manufacturing methods or operator errors
  • Assure parts with 100% conformance leave your facility
  • Simplify audits
  • Conduct root-cause analysis to improve quality
  • Optimize repair processes and react to defects faster
  • Reduce returns, warranty costs and chargebacks from customers